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Collaborative alliance models

YIT’s renewed strategy emphasises project development in growth centres and focuses increasingly on the involvement of partners. The collaborative alliance model matches very well to highly complex infrastructure construction projects, among others.

In alliance model, the project parties work as part of a jointly created organization. Alliance model allows project parties to achieve their mutual objectives, as both the risks and benefits are shared. ?


Five questions on alliance

Case: Tampere light rail project

Tampere light rail project in Finland, is being carried out employing alliance model, whereby the client, engineers and contractors work jointly in the execution. The alliance consortium called Tralli comprises of YIT, VR Track and P?yry.

The project was started in July 2015 with development phase. In November 2016, YIT, VR Track and P?yry signed an agreement with the City of Tampere on the implementation phase of the project. The value of the implementation phase for YIT is EUR 110 million.

Read more from the YIT corporation stock exchange release November 2016:

YIT signed implementation agreement on Tampere light rail

Read more from the stock exchange release June 2015:

Consortium selected to implement Tampere light rail

Case: Naantali CHP

A consortium formed by Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy (TSE), A-Insin??rit, AX-LVI Consulting Ltd and YIT is carrying out a new CHP power plant for TSE with the alliance model. The power plant is located in Naantali, Finland.

In the alliance, the contracting parties form a common organisation that strives for the agreed cost level and targets, with the objective of doing what is “best for the project”. The transparency of the operations – the so-called open book principle – is an integral part of the alliance model. Mutual trust and profound teamwork between the parties are the guiding principles of the model.

In 2016, Naantali CHP project won the Construction Site of the Year competition. The win was truly significant, falling, as it does, on the first alliance of industrial construction.

Read more from investor news:

YIT to build a CHP power plant with alliance model

Read more from YIT corporation press release:

First industry alliance wins construction site of the year

Lahden matkakeskus

Examples of other YIT's alliance model projects:

Alliance models are applicable to many different types of projects. Examples of such YIT's alliance projects are Lahti Travel Centre, Kotka Police House, and Suomenlinna Tunnel. Read more below:


Lahti Travel Centre

Kotka Police House

Suomenlinna Tunnel

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