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Financial risk management

YIT Group is exposed to several financial risks in its business operations. The most significant financial risks are funding, liquidity, and credit risks and market risks like foreign exchange and interest rate risks. The aim of the Group's financial risk management is to reduce uncertainty concerning the possible impacts that changes in fair values on the financial markets could have on the Group's result, cash flow and value.

The management of financial risks is based on principles of the treasury policy approved by the Board of Directors. The treasury policy defines the principles and division of responsibilities with regard to financial activities and the management of financial risk. The policy is reviewed and if necessary updated at least annually.

Execution of the treasury policy is the responsibility of the Group Treasury, which is mainly responsible for the management of financial risks and handles the Group's treasury activities on a centralised basis. The Group's treasury policy defines the division of responsibilities between the Group Treasury and business units in each subarea. The Group companies are responsible for providing the Group Treasury with up-to-date and accurate information on treasury-related matters concerning their business operations. The Group Treasury serves as an internal bank and co-ordinates, directs and supports the Group companies in treasury matters such that the Group's financial needs are met and its financial risks are managed effectively in line with the treasury policy.

More information about the financial risk management can be found in the Financial Statements 2019, in Note 30.

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